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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The awakening of poet's soul as first thought on writing poetry

Literary persona are in my circle, Internet inspired me to poetic world and my own spontaneous poetic thought. This is very light article for beginners thinking to be poetic.

From war veterans to small children, everyone searches for a way to express what's in their soul. Some paint; some sculpt; some take pictures. There are myriad ways to express oneself, but perhaps none more moving than the written word. Words have the power to change the world, move mountains, incite rebellion; and even to soothe, comfort, and drive away the darkness. Learning to write can be easy, but perfecting the process often takes a lifetime. There are words perfect for any situation; however, finding them, and putting them together well, is often one of the most challenging parts of creating poetry. For some, writing comes as easily as breathing. For others, every syllable is an exercise in will and determination. But in every heart, there is an untapped wellspring of truth, knowledge, and power. Poetry can bring these to life, moving us with its simple beauty, tearing us apart with brutal truths, bringing the darkest recesses of ourselves into focus. A poet's soul is a collage of images, a veritable fount of power and emotion. You can learn to harness this wonderful and terrible medium, even if you've never set pen to paper. From creative writing classes to online tutorials, there are many ways to expand your horizons and learn to write poetry. Colleges offer courses in poetry, creative writing, and journalism. Many online sources offer games and tools to help get the ball rolling, and make writing poetry less mysterious. There are even tutors, published poets, and others who are willing to help you learn this most challenging craft. Children can get started early, writing fun poems for family and friends. Sites like offer lessons, discussion forums, games, and tools to assist youngsters in creating original poetry. These sites are geared toward young writers, and offer kid-friendly alternatives to traditional creative writing courses. Adult writers need not fear, for there are many opportunities for you to learn, too!

Online tools, such as offer step-by-step instructions on how to get started, how to form ideas, and translate them into viable poetic form. Colleges and local groups also offer courses, tutoring, and mentoring to assist you in getting started. There are many ways to learn the mechanics of writing poetry, and more yet that will teach the basic forms, meter, and rhyming schemes needed to create stirring compositions. There is, however, some truth in the need of a poet's soul. No course can teach the powerful emotion behind this form of writing. No tutor or mentor can instill the basic love of creative expression that must be present for any writer, but especially a poet. An inherent love of language simply cannot be taught. It's the deep desire to be a wordsmith that drives poets. It is, simply put, the love affair with the written word that is most important ingredient in the recipe needed to create emotionally powerful poetry. If poetry beckons, be ready to lay bare your soul. Write with an open heart. Poetry demands it.

Now let me go to higher dimensions, the real horizons of utmost depth need in touch with portals like which is a great legendary poetic foundation too.

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