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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Knowing diaper terms, good to using with confidence

Terms You Need to Know When Looking at Cloth Diapers, Somewhat becoming expert in diapering.

There are so many different cloth diapers available today that you might be overwhelmed as you start looking.  Unfortunately cloth diapers are never one size fits all so what works for one person might not work for another.  So you should be aware of some of the common terms that are used in cloth diapering so that you can make sure that you understand what is being talked about.
Twin baby elephants in Drypers mock-up diapers - SCA

All In One Diapers--These diapers are commonly referred to as AIO.  This is the most similar choice for someone who likes the ease of disposable diapers.  They fit your child and are available in different sizes.  They also feature a waterproof shell and have absorbent layers sewn into them.  These are the most simple choice for someone who really does not want to mess with cloth diapers because you just have to use them and wash them.

All in Two Diapers--An all in two or AI2 is very similar to the AIO.  The only real difference is that the soaker material is not attached to the diaper which means that they dry in less time.  You can remove the soaker to be able to wash and dry and then put it back in place before use.

Pocket Diapers--These diapers are similar to the above tow as they feature a waterproof shell so that you are not going to need a cover with them.  Then there is a pocket in which you slide a soaker or absorbent pad into.  There are a variety of different types of inserts that you can consider and if these are not what you prefer you can stuff them with pre-folds as well.

Flats--These are one of the most simplistic versions of the cloth diaper.  Fl;ats are old fashioned and consist of a large square of material that is folded and then placed on baby and pinned into place.  They wash and dry very quickly so this is one of the advantages to this choice.  You have to use a cover with these to prevent leaks as they are not waterproof.

Fitteds--Fitteds are another choice in diaper that requires you to use a cover.  This is because you have to be able to provide a layer that is waterproof.  A fitted is easy to put on like a disposable and either snaps or pins into place and then you can easily add the cover over them.  These diapers feature elastic around the waist and legs so that they can easily be secured to the baby.

Pre-fold Diapers--These are the most commonly thought of and pictured in the minds of people when you say cloth diapers.  They have to be folded and fitted to the baby and then one is going to have to pin them into place and again add a cover so that they do not leak.

Contour Diapers--These are similar to fitteds in shape but they do not have any elastic in them so they do not fit a child as well as fitteds do.  You would need to use a diaper cover with these as well.
Diaper Covers--These are waterproof shells that you basically wear over the diapers that do have not have a waterproof layer available in them already.  There are a variety of materials that can be used to make these as well.

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