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Monday, January 11, 2016

Few precaution, little habit change for keeping the baby safe

The joy and safety are just simple balance in daily life

When a baby is around seven to eight months old, it is capable of movement and can reach places and objects which were once out of range. Now is the time to take extra precautions to keep the baby safe. Accidents can happen in split seconds, hence the need for taking these baby safety measures.
Keep baby safe from unwanted rise - The first precaution is to install gates on all staircases if they are near the entrance of the house. You will be surprised to see how many times in a day your baby will sneak to the stairs. A fall on the staircase can be very damaging to a small baby.

Another trouble spot is the electrical outlets especially those near the floors. Well care for Toddlers safety, they have a remarkable tendency to put their fingers or sharp objects into the electrical sockets. Another propensity is the baby tugging at objects, pulling chords of lamps and irons and toppling along with them, just imagine the safety hazard. These must therefore be unplugged when the baby is moving around in the house and really enjoy the safe cheers.
Baby Safe in eating kind hazard - Harmful chemicals, detergents, sprays, pesticides, medicines and cosmetics should from now on not be stored in the lower cabinets well beyond baby reach to keep the play safe. It is also wise to remove small objects that can be swallowed, sharp objects that can hurt them and breakables from places within the toddler’s reach. If there is a baby chair in the house, it must be kept away from gas stoves and heaters so that the baby is not able to harm itself when seated on these high chairs. Safe baby sitting at safe places makes happy family.
As the baby grows older, he gets surprisingly strong and a new balance has to be found between his safety and his freedom to explore and learn. For a one year old, it is easy to lean out of his pram or your arms and pull down objects from shelves both at home and in the marketplace. It needs extra vigilance on your part whether you are in the market or at home for safe baby outing.
The baby in kitchen with safe arrangements - When cooking always turn the handles away from the areas where the baby can reach with little or no effort. When seating the baby for meals keep all hot objects away from the reach of the child.
Medicines should be kept in high places for baby safety. Extra precaution is needed when someone else falls sick in the family and medicines may be out of their usual storage places.
Have you considered unsafe furnishings? Another thing you may have to give up on is long, dangling, beautiful tablecloths. The child is bound to use it to haul himself up, and in the process bring all your cutlery and food down. Your priceless decoration pieces should definitely be out of his reach till he reaches a maturity level where you can explain things to him.
The decoration and baby both are safe if you follow simple habitual rules. My personal experience has been that once the child is about one year old, you sit down with him on the carpet and let him touch these delicate materials under your supervision. The craze for these things comes down and you can now keep your house full of delicate decoration pieces.
However, the greatest precaution has to be in the bathtub. Never leave the baby unattended and hold on to the baby even if you may have to turn around to see or pick up something. A single moment of neglect can be life threatening. A small baby can drown in a few inches of water.  All the above precautions are to keep the baby away from harm, as any neglect when the baby in near water can be fatal. With all these precautions you can assure safety and freedom for the baby.

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