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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Be there, be yourself and be the best for sweetest sense of success

This famous phrase describes how success is important to all of us. We all want to be recognized, loved and respected. Success is believed to be mantra to attain all these. It is very important to understand what success means. Is it just increasing in the bank balance or more than that? The world is full of examples where everything is achieved but nothing is left within the achiever. So, we all need to ponder, introspect and realise the true meaning of success. Success is all about being with right people at right time. Making right choice is the most important step towards attaining success. When the whole world is running behind name, fame and money, it becomes really important to ask ourselves whether we are heading towards glory or grave. No effort is considered to be effective if it does not produce some concrete result. Hence, it can easily be concluded that success is measured by the outcome of the efforts. If we take example of any famous personality that is considered to be successful, we will find that he or she has made some or the other impact on the lives of the people surrounding them. Be it with their inventions, their thoughts or just with the words, they have set a benchmark for the people to achieve in the form of becoming individuals like them. It is very important to understand that not everybody is given the same set of conditions and same amount of resources. The thing worth understanding is how to make the best use of resources to arrive at success. In the today’s world of competition, making right career move is very important to be called as successful. With the presence of plethora of branches of studies and subjects of interests, it has become easy and at the same time confusing for a person to pick the best. The important pointer here is to pick the best mix of interest, resource and scope to provide a meaningful direction to the journey of life. Always remember that it is not at all important to be at the apex all the time. Perfection and retention of interest, in whatever you do, will always keep you alive. Money is important but not the only source of enjoyment. Hence, it is more important to build the castle of virtues and goodness than to run after success leaving every bit of you behind. Be there, be yourself and be the best, this is what takes you to be the favourite of all and fantasy of many.

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