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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Today is Martyr Day, how much you care for the sacrificed soul?

The Martyr Day is known in Hindi as Shahid Divas. India is on two minutes silence exactly at 11 AM in morning hours which is an official observance also accompanied by swearing also. Two minutes silence is a traditional custom observed in remembrance ceremonies. Jaipur has made special arrangements for uniform public signal by clearly audible Siren sound transmission at 10:59:15 AM for 45 seconds to give indication of 2 Minute’s Silence start. Exactly after 2 minutes from 11 AM Jan 30, 2012, the siren is scheduled to re-ring to mark the end of Shahid Divas Maun aka Martyr Day two minutes silence. Chhattisgarh Two-minute silence in honor of martyrs - Tributes to the immortal martyrs including Mahatma Gandhi is official government ritual. On January 30 at Eleven o'clock in the morning of Chhattisgarh is devoted to Shahid The Martyrs Memories with full two-minute silence.

Raipur – The capital to have complete silence In honor of the immortal souls the martyrs who staked their lives for freedom struggle of India and all citizens enjoy freedom due to their contributions. The death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi 30 January is celebrated as Martyrs Day aka Shahid Divas. 

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