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Monday, April 20, 2009

Raveena Tandon On Child Labour @ $500

Half-hour special, Bollywood actress, Raveena Tandon examines the issue of child labour in India and if you want to watch it costs $500 Beta and $500 VHS tapes under Non-broadcast/educational license, very costly affair from common people’s view, anyway the matter is really worth that much.
Lets go further she just attended an event by Planning Commission of India and UNICEF on motherhood and made really appealing statements which must be followed by all, people, society and government after all 78,000 pregnancy problem deaths are just mind boggling. I cannot forget when my son was arriving, his mom was in labor room, a woman came to hospital dead. Just time was the culprit, it was some delay in hospitalization and two lives were no more, relatives were initially reluctant for hospital and they came only when the mother was dead.
Raveena Tandon is doing good by raising the awareness. It will certainly save life of many.
Have you watched Raveena Tandon on maternal issues pre-natal and post-natal care? A home work for you to search n locate n comment your precious views.

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