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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Pohela Boishakh Wish of American President

Festivities around world are prime concern for US President Barrack Obama. Americal leadership has not traditional wishes for Bangla Manush considered intellectual class globally, for first time which is available in online world.

Happy New Year, Happy Bangla New Year, Bengali New Year, Happy New Sun Year, May this Pohela Boishakh bring prosperity and peace all around the world. I also thanks Great leader Mrs Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State for her “Bangla New Year – Pohela Boishakh Message” which says –
“As you welcome the year 1416, I salute the spirit of tolerance and shared linguistic and cultural heritage that brings so many together, regardless of religion or nationality, to usher in a new year with music, drama, and traditional foods.”
Sitting in such a high position and remembering the new year 1416 Pohela Boishakh is really her enthusiasm for whole world to be happy and cheerfull. It also shows the concept of Global Village in which people across continents care for each other.

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