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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Jodie Foster's Biggest movie Money Monster has dark green cap wearing gunman starts shooting in TV channel studio

Economic downturn is most fearful horror story in anybody's life depicted in Money Monster

New York City Economic TV show set is broken by a young gunman firing like gameplay but the abduction drama is real for the money guru Lee Gates. The whole world is watching live the realtime abduction and movie flows on at fast pace.

Jack Lee is money master but the movie title is chosen as Money Monster. Jodie Foster directed movie's master is treated brobdingnagian evil by a victim of gurudom via TV show. There friend Patty Fenn to help save the hostage situation live in TVs.

George Clooney and Julia Roberts are enacting the role of Lee Gates and Patty Fenn while the green cap wearing gunman is Jack O'Connell seen as economically hurt Kyle Budwell.

In LA Daily News Jodie confided Rob Lowman about the heavy dose of latest technology deployment in Money Monster recalling the past and missing simple camera man based control of movie making.

One grave issue is reflected in Jodie Fosters words “Money Monster’ may be the last of these types of movies”, why so? Wait for my examination of the statement.

George Clooney is dancing, where and who done it happen?

With all hope for strong entertainment and serious message let's move to watch the Lee Gates show Money Monster.

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