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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dhoom: Reloaded star cast leaked, Ranveer Singh Salman Khan surfaced with a twist

Is Salman Khan playing villain?
Is the never-play-with-newbie attitude of Salman Khan changing soon?
Ranveer Singh to really hit bad boy Salman Khan?

The news leaked is hot, Yash Raj Films have finalised the Dhoom Reloaded lead cast. Ranveer Singh is in positive hero role while Salman Khan is reported to be villain negative character in new Dhoom 4 expected.

The forthcoming sequel of famous Dhoom is going to get name with minus 4 and plus reloaded.

The Salman Khan acting villain and that too with hilarious young charmer Ranveer Singh is real dhoom-dhamaka in entertainment industry.

The Chopra Dhoom equation is surely solve the unfathomable heights in sky with fresh reloaded looks no one ever dreamt.

The other Dhoom news is minus junior B and Uday and plus Big B in Dhoom Reloaded is real blasting arsenal packing.

What about Dhoom girls? Wait for reloading leaked for female leads. As per my own judgement the news is real just waiting for official green signal for media. 

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