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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Amy Jackson in Radhe Movie?

The upcoming movie Radhe has in for years. The Salman Khan's upcoming yet to be finalised movie RADHE has currently new gossip circulating with substantial material. The Amy Jackson is new Radhe female lead as per the India Today video news.

What is cast of Radhe, the Salman special film? Is Amy Jackson really finalised for most eligible bachelor Khan's pairing?

Sohail Khan is supposed to be the producing guy of Radhe and Any Jackson to catch the hand of hero Salman Khan as per the whispering gossip, which seems true too. Some one is saying the other name of Radhe is mental but not any supporting clue on it.

Let's wait the official Radhe announcement which is said to be a Punjabi movie given new avatar by Salman Khan and team.

Tamil movie star Amy Jackson is basically UK model and actress working in India and very popular in south Indian cinema world. Have you visited Amy Jackson Instagram page? Perfect Indian bridal makeup suits her giving very cute Dulhan look currently.

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