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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What is Akhand Jyoti?

The tradition of lighting lamp,flame, fire and cracker is age old practice, specially the flame and torch are prominent items in religious devotion. Jyoti is Hindi word for flame and Akhand indicate non-stop, continuous or incessant.

Akhand Jyoti is incessant flame offered as tribute or devotion. The duration of incessant flame can be fixed or in some cases it can be unlimited too. There are places eternally lit with Akhand Jyoti the incessant flame.

The popular examples of incessant flame are worship places, Navartri Aakhand Jyoti and martyrdom or war memorial installed at prominent public places.

Lot of elements are associated with Akhand Jyoti the incessant flame like quality of oil, wick material and most important the source fire igniting the flame and rituals associated.

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