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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ultimately Dr. Sonakshi Says For you... Miss Bose bhi cahlega

But 'Its OK for you' reaction is for herself as Dev Dikshit has left the kitchen

The love story must face dramatic challenges. The fate of love story is an age old saga. Romantic TV serials depicting new age romance always come up with some dramatic turn around situation in love and life situations. The KRPKAB is really impressive portrayal of very clean romancing style for family viewing. The romantic serial also have families of different colors with very strong bonding of three generation.

The latest 42nd episode of Kuchh Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has the first revelation of changing winds but still confined to the female lead Dr. Sonakshi Bose in dramatic encounter with tech tycoon in his kitchen. KRPKAB promo before launch of the romantic television serial has promised complex love story trying to evolve from from family situations but just at the onset of 42nd episode SET India has started circulating new promo unveiling an accident hit Miss Bose assuring 'must conclude love story' winning over the end. Dr. Sonakhi Bose clearly challenged death just before going unconscious in Dev Dikshit's hands.

Miss Bose is lying on road, hit by an unknown horn sirening vehicle, exactly when she was asking about the love. The actual telecast of  42nd episode of Kuchh Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is somewhat different than the accident story being promoted. The Miss Bose phase also finds its second mention while the duo were walking on roads.

KRPKAB has entered very hot and most impacting phase of the romancing in different colors. Now onwards the Dev Dikshit struggling for Miss Bose has to be telecasted and no-miss viewing is suggested for KRPKAB fans and if you have not seen or missed the past episodes, then also it is right time to start viewing the romancing in different colors.

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