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Friday, April 29, 2016

Kalki Koechlin life recipe: Go make raita elsewhere with 'candid'

The ingenuous Kalki Koechlin was in sandstorm now alarming you on not being naive

The cute looking star girl of Bollywood seriously maintain her Internet Existence with little tweets filled essence of life gained through live experience. This time it is 'candid' made to her status about marriage and problems. She alarms 'Be candid' can damage your marital status and put your marriage 'dragged through dirt', read here own candid version here and think what might be the out come when the marriage meets the candidness.

What exactly Kalki Koechlin wanted to share with drag & dirt? Which of you really understand or know the marriage in doldrums moment of the Printing Machine girl?

Now let's come to Kalki Koechlin life recipe in real implementation.:Go make raita elsewhere with 'candid' factor might seem an old saying but the time immortal relationship mantra is real saving.

Let's hope more marriage saving tips from once candid Kalki.

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