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Friday, April 22, 2016

Congratulations to All 12th Class Students

Have you marked? I specifically congratulated ALL STUDENTS, not just passed ones. Yes, my heartiest congratulations to those who fail in 12th class board exams.

Success is praised everywhere but failure needed more welcome than success specially in case of students attempting so called life making exams. The results of 12th class board exams have just out and there are fail students too along with various categories of success students.

What is meaning of failing or fail in 12th board exam? Why every one must congratulated fail students of 12th board? Keeping morale of fail students in 12th board exam in good standing is social responsibility of all members of society.

Fail students in 12th board exam or for more wider perspective, every fail students may face one or more complications. The most serious being suicide of fail students. Taking own life away just due to failure in an exam is most serious issue but unfortunately least addressed one in society.

Congratulations to bearing fail in 12th board exam or any exam in healthy sports spirit might save lives and depression disorders.

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