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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

IIT students striving for social cause motivating mass for philanthropy

Techno-minded students are philanthropist too. The students of the Indian Institute of Technology, besides being the technological brilliant cream of India, are also proving to be good human beings by striving for the improvement of society and the country through technology as well as creating awareness and influence using the tag of brand IIT.

There are initiatives taken up by the IIT students themselves or by the institute to inculcate the responsibility in the students. Here are some of such instances which re-iterate this fact.

Even before starting with their engineering lessons, IIT students coming to study at Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar learn their lessons from the slums in the city and villages around. As a part of a new foundation programme introduced at the Institute, the students will be trying to understand the social issues more closely than ever.

With the aim to create responsible engineers who will cater to social issues, IIT Gandhinagar has introduced this initiative which is a five-week foundation programme for its new entrants of Bachelor of Technology (BTech). The IIT programme will require the students to go to different parts of the city and nearby villages which will make them aware of the various issues and problems in the society. The philanthropy program for IIT students is a trend setter for other students.

You might be aware of Humanities and Social Sciences department available in IITs. They have practical real time working apart from academics too. 

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