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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

We are used to adulteration!!!

The not at all  horrible truth about food mixed with unwanted materials is now happy lifestyle.

Do you recall Maneka Gandhi who started campaigning against strange kind of food adulteration decades back?  What I recall is, the first adulteration of unwanted and hidden kind exposed by her was the ice cream, even strict vegetarian must have read the adulteration story but they still enjoy the same cool cool frozen food retailed through large network of stores.

The hidden-not-wanted by some vegetarians kind of adulteration is still the topic of debate but the health hazard kind of wrong elements in food deliberately mixed for profit or convenience are matter of research and dent on pocket of the consumer too.

The adulteration is now part of life, no body even thinking about it, Yes, We are used to adulteration as if essential part of lifestyle!!!

Horrific stories of food adulteration are heard in daily life via press and media supported by first hand information through our near n dear ones. Do we even react or recall on it?

Let me remember my fellow traveller's world, who coincidently was fertilizer and pesticide marketing executive, now 'crop need seventh generation pesticides to cure insect problem". He added "The third generation to seventh generation elevation occurred in my service tenure of more than a decade".

What is seventh generation insect killing medicine called pesticide? More count of generation means more killing value in terms of poisonous material, the residue infiltrates in hidden form, the most prominent form of indirect adulteration.

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