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Thursday, January 14, 2016

India's Jaipur Literature Festival is Free event with unimaginable grandeur

2016 - Have you booked your paid participation or opting to Free Literature Festival? Whatever the choice but the unique talent gathering is global phenomena in intellectualism in different style. 

2012 - The only free opportunity for all people to attend highly anticipated literary fiesta is scheduled in capital city Jaipur and India government along with Rajasthan sarkar is keen to make it grand success and accordingly the instructions for the proper management of Jaipur Literature Festival is being handled by the Chief Secretary himself.

Rajasthan Chief Secretary Shri S. Ahmed is administartively managing the 20 to 24 January 2012 mega literary event to be held in Jaipur. Jaipur Literature Festival proper management can be handled by the state government only as the attendees and visitors are expecetd to be huge and very dignified. If you want to attend the free entry Jaipur Literature Festival, good news is you are welcome and only required pass is your own Photo ID. All you need to do is just show up photo id and enjoy free Jaipur Literature Festival to fullest and don’t forget to share your literary experience for those who are not attending it. Need more details, look here at official website

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