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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What is joy of India?

In quest to explore the joy of a whole country I came across tons of videos in Youtube visual social network. Ultimately my eyes caught one from Malaysia. BTW it is an story about a phrase and random thoughts on a visual online. Inter is all about reading, listening and watching as per conventional philosophy but the virtual world has one newly evolving dimension where you get the joy of exploring, phenomena still to be defined in length and depth. 

Joy of India can be seen as any thing, may be in two parts and interestingly enough on one side some people may like in dark mood visuals and the second genre in opposite way i.e. in light mood, in broad daylight. What is your shade of joy, if you live in India and what if you happen to be in India for some reason? Any way the Joy of India is quite interesting concept.

And to my utmost surprise the video uploader is from Malaysia, the only words I can understand from his blog is Persatuan Pemuda-Pemudi Bandar Temerloh, seems some Youth Club Temerloh is Joy Of India video uploader. Watch –
Well the journey for Joy of India has unlimited destination in wild. Let's keep eyeing...

Is national merrymaking reflected with Joy of India has variety in space time as per the real life happenings. You know there are number casualties of similar nature but one particular instance shatters the public mood badly. The same kind of treatment for joy of public is possible.

The festivals are prime source of Joy of India, traditionally motivating public to enjoy each and every aspect of life which now finds its place as online visuals. The social network system introduced by global multi-national companies are providing platform for eternal existence in form of video.

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