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Monday, April 6, 2009

16 Mbps Broadband In Delhi NCR, Chennai and Bangalore

How fast Indian 16 Mbps will be? Broadband a necessity like bread-cloth-house– India Inc is getting a top fast 16 Mbps Broadband but currently in VIP metros Delhi NCR, Chennai and Bangalore and after sometime, the lucky hot-spots with wide Internet channel are Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai and Kolkata. The 16 Mbps broadband is speed channel to grab the online empire in fastest possible way thanks courtesy dedicated optic fibre cables. 

The flag bearer is Airtel leasing you the information superhighway @INR2999 but with a limit of 20GB. A 50 GB limit data transfer will dent @INR4999 to your pocket. Well with such a terrific broadband speed you can fetch the net in blizzard fashion. Is it viewing only the online world? What if you think of preserving net surfed data? What are digital storage medium available? Are they compatible with the 16 Mbps broadband surfing speed? You know these are grave haunting daunting questions.

As a die hard Internet junkie, I always die for such juicy spicy yummy data superhighway, a dream 16 Mbps always on broadband to conquer the world always but the data transfer limit always gave a big dent to pocket.

Any way, let me focus on my place, I don’t know how will be the tariff conditions here at my place. What pricing structure is to come with broadband @16Mbps? Someone availing the broadband monster please share the currently available price of living in virtual empire.

What actually happens to Internet greedy like us in real life scenario, is, we don’t care for the data limit. The metered data limit like 20Gb-16Mbps-Fixed rate is simply playing with blizzard and hurricane, you don't know where you will end. Now many of you might be knowing beyond limit data use is costly giving you a big fat bill may be disturbing the monthly household budget.

I agree the ultimate fault is due to we greedy broadband junkies who don't want to comeback to earth for second (if possible), but we can’t resist the lure of the monster 'broadband' babe. I am sure as soon as the 16 Mbps arrives to our place I will be the first subscriber.

Now several questions in light of 16 Mbps news -

What about you the VIP citizens? You know they are privileged class.
Well which was the first Internet connection in India? Just imagine it comparing with 16 Mbps broadband which soon is going to common commodity in every household.
What is the first bandwidth used by any Indian?
Which company introduced Internet in India?
Which company launched first broadband connection?
Who were the first broadband users?
A lot of questions, keep connected, Mbps and broadband blog stuffs are sure to come along.

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