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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

No juxtaposing please Kriti Sanon loves sky diving

Smiling Mumma Ignites Kriti Sanon Smile
The Raabta Actress love acting over engineering, revealed in Twitter Session

Today the Raabta heroine Kriti Sanon conducted full three hours Twitter Interactive Session live with the fans & followers who asked variety of question exposing finer details of actress personality. Following are few special points related to Raabta role playing 25 years old Kriti Sanon of Heropanti fame.

The Raabta movie making is super experience with great people and energy as per fan question reply.

Like other kids Kriti Sanon also tried counting stars in night sky.

On the idea of getting the best fan of whole world Kriti Sanon replied with five dance icons instead of words. Certainly the best fan following can make any one whirling.

Kriti Sanon don't play cricket, she is not aware of game playing.

One tired fan asked very cute question, I am quoting it as it is -

The Most Difficult Question...........How To Get A Reply From Kriti Sanon??

The answer came “Ask an interesting question..” from Kriti Sanon tweet.

Kriti Sanon entered movie world as lead actress playing journalist Sameera in Telugu “Nenokkadine: I one man only” released on Jan 10, 2014 with Mahesh Babu as hero while she shined in Bollywood enacting Dimpy in Hindi movie Heropanti with Tiger Shroff as lead actor.

Romance is key factor highlighting actress Kriti Sanon's talent in all movies done by her.

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