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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sad Day in Educational India, The Vice Chancellor Termination Shocked Me.

The Educational India is weeping in rainy manners. No one can ever imagine the termination of University Vice Chancellor. Today is the real black day of The GURU, Educational India always boasting to be the lead teacher in universe. Just look again; I have used the word universe not globe or world.

The news is highlighting in all types of media, Visva Bharati VC removal news is made with sacks, sacking, sacked and synonymous words. The Visva Bharati Vice Chancellor termination approval is big black blot on Educational India. Immediate referring to Wikipedia has like mentions “On September 23, 2015, he was dismissed” which is wrong, The VC Sacking was recommended, actual dismissal approved by highest authority, the President of India, yesterday on Monday, Feb 15, 2016 surprisingly India press bureau has no mention in long lists of official releases.

Any way the miss conduct, financial regularity or whatever was an old story in media and government. The process of VC termination took more than a year time. Complete India is marred with malpractices and crime-scam news. Who take formal education seriously? Everyone simply chasing ANY WAY to get an Indian Educational Certificate or Degree. Which is in existence first? Why university chancellors are adopting zig-zag path? Here I put plural of VC, clearly indicating there are more cases caught or uncaught. I am putting these words with complete responsibility out of my first hand knowledge.

How will the Educational India react? I am not talking of verbal, online, social media reaction but what will be the impact on whole system? Who will care towards the hidden changes, may be positive or negative, in the complete Educational India scenario?

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