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Friday, January 15, 2016

The legendary Guru Osho biopic Rebellious Flower released on Jan 15, 2016 is modest news of very powerful portrayal

The director Krishan Hooda has portrayal of legend showing just opposite of the 'flower blossoms naturally' trail after it has to paint a picture of rising Osho.

Rebellious flower is a Hindi movie finds its place in select screens, not in every city but got substantial opening and media coverage.

The Guru movie Rebellious flower is coincidently in line the other hit Chalk n Duster, a teacher movie.

The director's note on Rebellious flower has very selectively chosen words to describe the movie making experience.

Now Osho Tirth, Kuchwada born, ex-professor of Jabalpur rose to legend status in his lifetime. The biopic movie Rebellious flower is just beginning to fiction like portrayal of Guru as per the hope expressed by the movie goer fans.

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