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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Only online applications through the website are invited

Can you imagine a world in India with gossip like the headline above? No way only online application is reality but big headache to be solved in near future.

Now it is latest trend, you can watch news online saying the Internet based application process is only way to get in the particular job. Even the Sarkari Naukri has adopted the blooming wagon to ride.

The only online application is nightmare for most of the candidates haunting badly their sweet job dream. The online serving public facility can be seen blooming in every nook and corner of India but is it sufficient to cater the need for apply online demand of recruiters?

Thee recruiters follow the online application fashion blindly adopting the web services available but who care about the robustness of connectivity for real needy person?

The big question is haunting in wild but still unattended that only only application is judicious process to real needy and talented soul.

The phenomena of Only Online Applications is in dire need of true patron to look after the issue for benefit of all.

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