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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Internet Suspense of Google Trends, now it limited to few announcements

Once upon a time there used to be a Google trends page with 100 keywords and updating hourly to incorporate new key phrases.

There was a key word Feel it in the trends list and reacted immediately like -
Google God flashes lightening on Internet sky which fails the intelligence everywhere prevalent in modern times from even little kids to veteran seniors. Feel it is the Google Trends keywod in top position first rank, their are many more related but Internet Suspense has come out their is no answer anywhere in Internet. Is it that Google God fails everywhere intelligence ?

What happens so called information super highway ? Where goes the know all intelligence of Internet ? Where is the artificial intelligence of Google the almighty which is not able to be any clue surfacing the super search in cyber sea Internet ? Well at last till now no blogger has arrived any article on Feel it

Well any one their who can tell fell of Feel it.

Now what has happened to the trends? Let us explore.

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